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Comment: Missleading Video

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Missleading Video

There is no doubt that these videos are real, but the makers are trying to show that it represents the entire meat industry and that is simply B.S. Go to a slaughterhouse and look for yourselves. It won't be pretty, I can guarantee you that, but it won't be what you saw in the video. I have been twice to slaughterhouses, once in the USA and once in Brazil. Both had quick means to kill the animals. Economically speaking, what you see in the video makes no sense. Those employees would be fired by anyone because they are damaging the meat; bruised meat is worthless meat. Chickens have to have their places thoroughly cleaned or disease will quickly break out, killing nearly all of the chicken and thus causing total economic loss. Our country does have laws to protect the treatment of animals, and if they are being broken, then it is a matter of the law simply being enforced (maybe if so much money wasn't being diverted to prohibition of drugs, then they could stop these mistreatments).

Anyhow, don't believe some propaganda video. Go out there and visit the places. You will be amazed at how clean the places are, at how quick the animals are killed. If you still want to eat meat after that, then at least you know where and how you meat gets to the grocery store.