Comment: Nope. NOT a "political" masterstroke. Poor title.

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Nope. NOT a "political" masterstroke. Poor title.

May be the right position to take / philosophy to believe, but it's not politically expedient for our cause.

He just alienated Liberty-minded pro-choice moderates, independents, progressives, and the few non-fascist liberals whose votes he would need to win an election.

Oh, and legions of women voters, too, more importantly.

NOT politically masterful. Drones, yes, because he brought Liberty folk together; however, this will just drive them apart again.

I am sad.

"Rand Paul just drew a huge, thick red line between the DNC and the GOP." Yes, he sure did. The same line that will force a whole bunch of people, whom we need, to move across to its left side again.

What would the Founders do?