Comment: i would agree that if abortion is murder it is a state issue

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i would agree that if abortion is murder it is a state issue

as the states already handle most murder cases.

However this is NOT exactly in line with Ron Paul's views. Yes Ron Paul is against abortion of any stage. And if he had to choose between state and federal jurisdiction on this issue, he would believe it less a waste of time at the state level. However if you read his book "Liberty defined" he has a whole chapter where he explains that the only thing that can truly stop abortions is a prosperous, moral and just society. That means re-education of the masses. This will take time. Legislation, on a state or federal level can never fix this problem. Back alley abortions will still occur. Some states will keep abortions legal or will have no penalty for it.Just as some states have outlawed guns, the criminals still get them. Abortions will still happen regardless of what the "law" is or what the arbitrary gov definitions are. This legistlation is no different then Rand's endorsement of romney or mcconnel. Its a political move to get on the radar of more evangelicals and neocons. I'm sure because people like buck feck are telling him that's what he needs to do.