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actually most normal people are much more altruistic and less rational. which I am wholly supportive of. pure reason without LOVE is an inhuman nightmare (note: love is not rational)

if you want a cold, rational society of "freedom", to me you want the flip-side of the communist nightmare. somewhere apart from all that, is the American ideal that believes not only in freedom, but also in life and humanity, and would not have any desire toward eugenics to get rid of deformed people. the non-aggression principle applies to the unborn child that the woman through her own actions has caused to be present within her and now she has to take responsibility for (leaving the issue of rape exemptions aside for the moment)... yes, you have more responsibilities than just "be as happy as you can", there can be no liberty without the non-aggression principle and personal responsibility towards those you cause to exist and be dependent upon you.