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if you really care about the abortion issue

stop looking to federal or even state government to resolve this problem as neither can. So what if the states have the power to convict people who have abortions or murder. It won't stop the abortions. Just as laws against murder don't stop all murders. They will still happen in back allies. Some states like cali will never criminalize it, abortions will still happen there. If you really want to stop abortions, then continue the fight for freedom and prosperity for all and most importantly understand the underlying problems. You are looking to a third party to resolve the side affect (abortion) of an even bigger issue instead of trying to understand the underlying problems that lead people to consider abortions. What is the number one reason abortions occur? Economic reasons. Dr Paul understood this and he is completely against abortion on any level. He is the reason I have the views I do on abortion. If we get this country back on track, reduce/eliminate poverty, re-instate moral values (religion, or strong families, or whatever means) and people start becoming prosperous, this will save more babies then any federal or state level legistalation ever could. Will is stop all abortions, not likely either. But will have much bigger impact then legistlation. Please read or re-read Liberty Defined By Dr Paul. He has an entire chapter on this topic. Trust me, it will make sense to you.