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Comment: Why these posts make me sad and are frustrating.

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Why these posts make me sad and are frustrating.

Do any of you listen to Ron Paul when he talks about developing broad based coalitions?

Look at my user signature. That is the example that we all should be following as SERIOUS liberty activists. If you didn't know that Lindsey Graham wasn't right on the many liberty issues you need to pay more attention and pull up his record right now!

This is not an endorsement of Lindsey Graham by a long shot but he has been a staunch defender of 2nd Amendment rights forever (has several perfect ratings). This isn't a big surprise if you are paying attention. That is another reason finding a challenger to him in the primary is so difficult. Instead of criticizing him when he is right, let's make sure to work with our opponents when they are speaking our language. That is how you begin to chip away on the critical stuff they disagree on.

As far as Conservatives go Graham has a lot of strong points but he mainly loses touch on foreign policy and the growing the police state like many of his colleagues. I feel he is authentic in his beliefs on these issues but he has long since drank the neo-con koolaid and is serving that agenda. For that reason alone he is unfit for the office.

We should try to work with him when he is right though.

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