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As a general surgeon, I could never have done this. I never would have been exposed to it, anyway. But, I see one problem.

By prohibiting it, like drugs, and like alcohol, in the past, it just creates more criminals! It will go underground. We will not stop it. It is the same problem we see, as before Roe vs Wade. It is forcing others to believe in the Judeo-Christian morals that most of us do. Even some atheists could see this as consistent with their thinking. But, this is a Republic that allows for the minority not being suppressed. I can only believe that the souls are with Jesus in Heaven. I cannot force others to practice as they believe, no more than I can be forced to believe the way they do! This, still, should be a Libertarian nightmare. The fetus has rights, as a human life, too! It is just such a mess, no matter how the thing (abortion) is dealt with.

One thing we could require...If the women were given a general anesthesia, the fetus' pain would be eliminated. We would get in trouble for doing the same to animals, right now! but, the fetus does not deserve to feel any pain through these awful procedures.

Anyway, it will, just, make life more difficult. At least the lawyers will get more work. As if, they are not getting rich enough off of all of us now! IMHO.