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What about?

What about nocturnal emissions? It is the same thing as ovulation. There is no human control over such. Masturbation? It is not, much, different!? Are we going to condemn all the children that do such? Heck, my toddler daughter used to do it, laying, face down, on the couch! Life cannot begin if sperm and ova are placed in two petri dishes, side by side! The only time that life can start is when the two get together. There must be a full complement of matched chromosomes. We see what happens when, even, one is abnormal. The morning after pill prevents implantation. Often the woman's body, also does not allow implantation. Therein, lies the quandary, for many.

And, don't kid yourself. Women, who have an abortion, no matter how they might express it, still think about it, years afterward! I know!