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Comment: Wipe your ass with another person's holy book?

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Wipe your ass with another person's holy book?

It's an immature and intolerant comment, but you're perfectly free to say this in our country.

Of course you wouldn't have the balls to take your intolerance to a place like Saudi Arabia where you wouldn't be protected by Christian values. They may cut your head off.

Obviously not all religions are created equally.

What's more interesting is the hate that another person's metaphysical conclusions inspire in others. You have faith in your family, or friends, or relationships, but no faith in God, and that is your decision, but what help is it to you by mocking someone else for what they believe? Does it make you feel better? Do you feel superior? Do you feel more intelligent because you don't believe in hokey fairy tales written by people who didn't have scientific inquiry?

Let me ask you: Your science can help you build a nuclear bomb, but does it also tell you if it's right or wrong to use it?