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The problem with homosexuals, or sodomites is

they will never be happy. Why? Because we all have a conscience, and so do they. They know deep down, no matter what they say, that what they are doing is WRONG. They will never, ever be able to feel 'ok' about what they are doing.

Why do you think this lobby group is constantly pushing for more & more? Because NO MATTER WHAT they try, they will never feel the validation they seek. It will never happen. The sodomites weren't ever happy, so they expelled their self-hatred by attempting to kidnap & sexually abuse innocents.

Well, we know what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah.

And, for those who seek to support this so-called perversion, this so-called 'lifestyle', had better think twice about what they are encouraging. Do you really want these people to be Boy Scout leaders? I mean, didn't we learn anything from the priest scandals that occurred due to such a lax attitude in admitting these people into the priesthood which really began full-fledge in the 60's, 70's, etc. America, as a whole, embraced these liberal attitudes. How will we know the "difference" between a pedofile and a homosexual that isn't one? That is a very dangerous game to play.

And, teaching our children that this behavior is "normal"? Are you kidding me? People here should know that the EVIL ELITES are aiming to not only destroy our cultural religious values, but also to destroy our families in the process. Think twice, before you unwittingly give in to this liberal ideology.

America embraced 'free sex', encouraged the 'pill' and abortions, established agencies (more government) to help young girls continue this free sex behavior, and ultimately to take away the moral teachings of the parents, thereby usurping the very core beliefs of our country, most beloved America.