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If I tell you to avoid

If I tell you to avoid joining the government, to stay clear of making allegiances (citizenship) with the government, to avoid taking their Social Security and instead that we should depend upon one another for support, build a society where one helps his neighbor when his neighbor needs help, without expecting a "return"...and that if we live this way then we can be free of the dependence upon government....then I am "proselytizing" others toward the TEACHINGS of Jesus. No need to use bible versus, scripture. Now some do not have "faith" in that type of government, that government based on freewill offering instead of compelled offering. Today we call them Liberals, Socialist, Democrats. They have the idea that Big Government is needed to take care of the needy, that without force the needy will go forgotten. 2000 years ago these people were called Pharisees.

But there is no requirement to use scripture, the Bible, or even the name Jesus, to teach this covenant. The Bible is a tool for indoctrination, but it is not the covenant. The Covenant exist within, it is a ideal, not words on paper.

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