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Part of my problem is determining what this really is!? Mendel started with pea plants. Manipulating, the plants, was absolutely necessary to start the study of genetics.

We have been planting hybrid corn since I was a child, sixty years ago! There is a danger in manipulating the plants to the point that an entire crop could be made extinct because of one deadly infection. Otherwise, I do not understand the danger. Any DNA is digested in our gastrointestinal tract. Even radiation of meat to extend its shelf-life, does not, in reality, present any danger to us. Unless, you are saying the government is allowing big corporations lie to us!

Oh well, I just started to question everything I ever thought of it. Politics is a terrible condition of the human race. Being a victim of it myself, I have to realize the big corporations, at this point in time, can do whatever they want!

Darned straight they would lie and bribe!?

We have two grocery stores in this town. One is Walmart and the other one is rumored to be going out of business! That sucks big time!