Comment: Nor can they ban you from marrying your dog.

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Nor can they ban you from marrying your dog.

Giving you a piece of paper that says you're married to your dog doesn't make it a marriage.

I think Homosexuals know how God feels about homosexuality and it's reinforced every time they shoot their seed into a S@#$ hole. Really homosexuals shouldn't even exist if you hold them to their own talking points. If homosexuality is as they say, genetic, the only way they can continue to procreate is by preying on woman and using them like a cum-dumpster in a fraudulent and loveless union.

Can a homosexual love the woman he knowingly uses as his Cum-Dumpster while he commits fraud pretending to be something he isn't?

Nobody can stop two people from swearing an oath to themselves, each other, and to God. There's no way to ban Gay Marriage, just like there's no way to keep people from from marrying their cocker spaniel. The problem is that Homosexuals know the oaths they take to themselves and each other mean even less than the Oaths they take to God.

They want that piece of paper, and I believe you understand why they want it. Legal privilege. It's not about equality. We already live in a state of marital equality. I can't get away with calling my dog my wife either and no piece of paper will make people respect that marriage as legitimate. It's about objective reality and truth. Marriage is between a man and a woman.