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I Live In Arkansas

In my younger days I worked in dairies, my neighbors for the most part worked for Tyson growing thousands of chickens and turkeys and I have seen numerous livestock auctions. I have seen the guys working at the auctions take electric prods and poke hogs in the balls and zap them viciously just for fun and I have seen dairy cows that were too sick to stand be forced into the milk barn to be milked. I have seen sadistic chicken farmers do all manners of sick things to the birds as well as to "pet" geese and other animals. Those same chickens are closed up in long houses by the thousands with no room to move without crawling over each other and left in mountains of feces in the dark for weeks with all windows blacked out and daily people go in and pull out all the dead ones. My neighbor used to make a mountain of dead birds in his field and burn them but they got to be too obvious and they have stopped that practice. During certain times in the process of raising the chickens the smell got so bad that people living in the area couldn't stand to be outside while they were loading the chickens on open air trucks and mucking out the houses. I have fished kittens out of ponds that were thrown there to drown by these wonderful people that are in charge of our food so don't act so high and mighty. I have SEEN these things MYSELF! I have recently moved back to Arkansas and there are LOTS more chicken houses and they are bigger and no doubt just as bad or worse.