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Go to services.

Though I was baptized Catholic as an baby, my parents were not. My Father was an objectivist and my Mother did what he told her to do (not go to Church). I ran away from home when I was 15 and began attending Church services.. Eastern, Western.. Churches temples.. tents, caves.. pagan.. anything and everything.

When my Mother died, my God Mother, the one who had be bapitisted against my Father's will (he was in the Navy and out to sea when she had me baptized).. she took me to her Roman Catholic Cathedral.. and to be honest, I was always intimidated by the Roman Catholic Church, but it became a perfect fit for me. I am very happy. I ADORE my Church, my community.. I am so grateful that God gave me the grace to give me a spiritual home and family.

With all this said.. whatever you decide, I sincerely hope and pray that you find the peace, happiness, and the communion I have.

BTW.. If you ever saw the movie, "Sister Act", it's allot like that for me. My Church was pretty solemn when I first started going. I didn't know anyoine for months, I couldn't understand Mass well.. so I joined the choir to learn Mass, and now the Choir is growing, and we have a great band, shaking tamborines and bringing LIFE into the Church. Someone said to me just the other day.. "This is kinda like a Baptist Church with all this singing, jazzing up the songs."

So make the Church or Temple YOU choose, YOURS, and LOVE it with all your heart.

God Bless you!