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I think anyone, working for the government, cannot refuse this on Constitutional grounds. First amendment - No one can be forced to follow the religious practices of others. If a clerk disagrees with the premise of equality and refuses to issue (the government extortion of) a marriage license because of his/her religious convictions, then he/she should relinquish his/her position to someone that can practice according to our, secular, legal system.

That is part of what, the real, separation of church and state, (also not declared in the constitution) applies to. A secular government would have no business in any relationship, other than enforcing a legal contract, if dissolution may happen in the future.

I am a charismatic Christian. I do understand the first amendment, as it is written. If it does not apply, then we are a theocracy, not a democratic republic! I can disagree with the behavior, all I want! It does not mean I have the right to deny it, under legal premises! Judgement about the actions of a couple, that are contrary to my religious convictions, is not acceptable as a Constitutional servant. Thing is, according to Christians, premarital sex and living together, are both sin. How many are living in just that situation as heterosexuals in today's world? Hypocrites, all of us!

Judging the homosexuals, as a Christian, is also prohibited by the Bible I read! They are the ones that will face their own judgement from God. I would not, ever, want to risk that. It does not matter, in our secular form of government. Just sayin'!