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"Mysticism cannot bring

"Mysticism cannot bring anyone under anyone else's authority"
PRECISELY the point of turning Christianity into a mystic religion. Under the Kingdom Jesus was establishing, no one was a slave. Those who held power outside of His Kingdom were losing their slaves to this Kingdom. So they sought to make it a mystic religion, absent of any real authority. And yet many kings throughout history have used mystic gods to enforce their own dogma upon the people. Egypt where each king claimed to be Ra incarnate is but one of many examples of such.

I did not concede that liberty proceeded Christ, Jesus conceded that. The ideas of liberty are innate, throughout history.

"Perhaps there is something I'm missing, but the only way that I can see that these two viewpoints can be reconciled is if there are arguments that non-Christian liberty-minded people make that cannot exist independently of Christianity."

I've said nothing to the contrary, in fact what I've said is in complete agreement with the above. Liberty is innate, the Bible, and Jesus, are in agreement with this:
"I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them" Hebrews 10

People don't need the Bible or christianity to understand this, it is innate. The Bible is doctrine, teachings, on how to maintain liberty. It is recorded history on what men have gone through in the past, and the solutions they have found for their enslavements.

The First commandment, Have no gods before God.
This is common sense to someone who understands law. "Gods" are kings, ruler, judges...tyrants. If you go under the jurisdiction of a god (man who exercises authority over other men), then you have left the jurisdiction of God and you lose your free will. This is common sense under the law, if you give an allegiance to man then you must obey those allegiances, REGARDLESS of you beliefs.

You have freewill to choice who you serve, to choose your allegiances. Those choices determine your level of liberty, or lack thereof.

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