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Comment: This Article is Based on Complete Nonsense.

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This Article is Based on Complete Nonsense.

This article is complete nonsense. Human beings are self-determined individuals. Is anyone here going to blame the passage of ObamaCare on a parasite? Was it parasites that caused the US Congress to give us NDAA and the Patriot Act? Complete Nonsense.

Does anyone following The Daily Paul seriously believe they have so little self-determinism that they would allow a parasite to cloud their thinking?

The "scientists" behind this nonsensical study apparently believe the brain is involved in thinking. It is not. Just go get some brains at a butcher shop and see how much thinking you can get out of some brains. Thinking in humans is done by the soul, ie human spirit. That thought process cannot be delegated to the brain any more than driving decisions can be delegated to one's car. Nor can a decision to fire a firearm be removed from the responsibility of the human spirit to the brain any more than it can to the firearm itself. Decisions lie in the ability of the human spirit to make decisions. Drugs and injuries can cloud those decisions. Drugs and injuries can make clear decisions more difficult to make. But all human decisions do lie with the human spirit, not some parasite or bacteria.

Biological parasites can certainly cause damage in an individual's body. The pain and loss surrounding that damage can cause one to make irrational decisions. However, the power to make self-determined decisions is still there, though one's decisions may be clouded by his loss and / or injury.

Our freedoms depend on our ability to make our own self-determined decisions, independent of outside influences such as parasites or the New York Times of some politician. The moment we give up the idea that we are self-determined individuals, we start to lose our freedoms.