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You are correct about the

I'm not sure where you get this "claiming credit". The ideas of liberty are as old a tyranny.

You are correct about the "return', simply doing it "because it is the right thing to do" is a return of sorts. But it is not the kind of return that I meant. When one gives into Social Security, they damn well expect a return, and it ain't no kinda feel good return they're looking for.

The BIble talks of casting bread upon the water, obviously that bread is gone forever. Burnt offerings are offerings that are "up in smoke", never to be returned. If I tell you that I was at the casino last night and I burnt through a $100 in the first 5 minutes I was there, people understand what I'm saying that that $100 is gone, they don't mistake me for have light the money on fire and literally having burned the money. Burnt offerings are offerings that are gone and you have no expectation of seeing a return, unlike the 20% offering the Egyptians made to the King in which they expected to be taken care of in times of drought, unlike our own Social Security system.

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