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Of course I did.

You haven't been at all clear, or truthful.

You want to talk about defaming a person?

"If your definition of defending liberty is disallowing people from living their life the way they see fit, then we have completely different views on liberty."

"If" - This is a what somebody says when they want to put words into your mouth. Did you really believe that nonsense when it came out of yours, or was it just some BS statement you needed to throw out there so you could pretend to make a point?

"if you are willing to enforce your opinions on others you are no Christian and you're not a liberty minded individual."

Again, I'm more than willing to enforce my opinion on others when it comes to liberty, and your words keep implying that you aren't.

"Only God has the authority as judge, jury, and executioner. It's not your responsibility to earmark or judge people for their sins."

See, this isn't clear at all, because now you're saying you aren't capable of judging a slaver, a murderer and a rapist. Which is it? Are you capable of judging what's just and unjust or aren't you? Will you know the truth, and when you do, what are you going to do about it?

It implies that you're a nihilist, and there are plenty of Godless nihilists here who think they can put off justice until they're dead, and that's because they don't think justice will ever catch up to them. Mans justice is nothing compared to Gods.