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On DP, the reason it has been successful is because it has a high toleration level for people who have differing opinions. That includes religious views.

To lambast people who do not support the sodomite push for more & more so-called rights in such a self-aggrandizing manner, well, it's no more ugly than your view of anyone else you think is "racist, homophobic, or jew-hating".

Just because many do not believe that 'men sleeping with men' is morally right, doesn't mean that they hate these people, and it doesn't mean they discriminate against them in the workplace. What it does mean is that 97% of Americans are heterosexual and don't believe in that perverse crap.

Don't kid yourself. Dr. Paul doesn't promote sodomy, are you kidding me? He & Mrs. Paul are as normal as apple pie. But, nobody here cares, including Dr. Paul, what these people do behind closed doors, but when they try to brainwash our children, enter the Boy Scouts, insert themselves into daytime TV in Hollywood & the movies, & attempt to change our cultural values by trying to water down the term "marriage", well, that's an entirely different thing! In an ideal world, we can agree as Dr. Paul does about marriage being in the church, but it's NOT ideal right now, and to just sit by and do nothing about what the EVIL ELITES are trying to do which is to wreck our culture, wreck us financially, wreck our family structure, well, I can't sit down and ignore it.

Personally, most people I know mind their own business when it comes to known homosexuals around them. So, I think your accusation is uncalled for. However, if you are a sodomite, then, I can understand your response---just full of more anger.