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The governnment is neither good nor bad, but the people are

If you think that government is the root of good, then think again. Government is a tool that, in the hands of immoral people, is worse than no government at all. We are witnessing the destruction of the American Idea by a cabal of immoral criminals who lie, cheat, steal, torture, kill by wielding the power of the State. Millions suffer. Millions die. All because the levers of power are concentrated into the hands of a few demented individuals. The great Sin is that the People have not risen up against these tyrants. The People are getting what they deserve, in a sense.

That is the danger in any government. The immoral are attracted to power, and they use it to magnify their immoral deeds.

A society that has no concentrated power(anarchy) is not subject to the overwhelming power of the State Criminals. The criminals will still be out there, and they will still be plying their trade...stick ups, pickpocketing, flim flam frauds, etc., but the damage they do is limited by the diffusion of power to every individual. In an Anarchy there are no levers of power (IRS, DEA, CIA, FBI, etc.) to grab, so they can't force their will on society in general, just on the unfortunate victims they can get their hands on. It's a crime, but it's not an existential disaster.

All that being said, Anarchy can be just or unjust. It depends on the moral character of the People. If, today, all governments went 'poof' and a state of anarchy resulted, it would be a nasty and violent place. Too many people have come to expect to live at the expense of others, and I suspect they would steal and intimidate to get what they want. It would be Road Warrior time.

If, on the other hand, there is a moral character common amongst the people that respects individual property rights, then an anarchistic society could be civil, polite, and safe. Indeed, there are examples during the colonization of North America of societies self-organizing and living peaceably with respect for each other's private property. Each such example was squashed by government power.

You could make the argument that, being unable to defend itself against government power, anarchies fail. True, to a point. But let's not condemn the victim. It was government power that killed the anarchies; the anarchies did not fight amongst themselves and committ hari kari.

Anarchy is impossible today because the People believe in living at the expense of others. You have nothing to fear from anarchists, they are tiny and powerless. But you have a great deal to fear from the government you so strongly support.