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If you don't believe in GOD, & if you don't believe in the

Bible, & if you don't have fear about the life-after, then, fine! Go ahead, do your own thing! But, let's get one thing straight. The homosexual lobby groups are the ones shoving things down our throats, not the other way around.

H--ll, I can't even remember the last time I heard a "hell fire & brimstone" sermon. They've been almost non-existant for decades now, & that goes for the Protestant churches, as well as the Catholic ones.

You're right. God WILL judge in the end, and you will believe in him, when you die. But, to castigate God's commands on how to live a righteous life is blasphemy against God, not us.

I would like you who object to the 'normal' crowd to consider the following:

Why wouldn't the Evil Banker Billionaire Elites want to destroy our cultural fabric of our society? Of course they would! You have to agree that our Christian beliefs, which include those toward sodomy, etc., have been rooted for CENTURIES, not only in America, but in Europe, too. If you can agree with this FACT,then, stop & think why Warren Buffet & Bill Gates & the rest of the NWO crowd want to convince everybody that we have a population problem? Might they be pushing sodomy adoption to curb population? Or would it be also to gain more people to vote for them? Who knows!

Why would they be spewing forth climate change stuff, when we here at DP know that the global warming or climate change crap is just that---CRAP. Why would they do this, too?

Why are they attempting to steal 40% of people's money like the Cypriots? Why would they do this?? Think.

Devaluing our money---the Federal Reserve has been doing this systematically since 1913? Why would they do this?? We could all be living RICHER than the Swiss by now!!

The fact is they are doing everything, so that they will have more power over all of us. They don't care how they do it. They don't care who they hurt! They don't care about our boys who lose their lives in these stupid wars. They don't care if the dollar is devalued to the point that women had to start working, as after WWII, because isn't it convenient that with everyone working full-time, they didn't have enough time to find out what exactly these elites were up to. They don't care if we struggle.

They will steal our money & Cyprus was just the 'test'...soon, it may morph into some other form here in the US.

But, my whole point in bringing this up is that these elites will stop at NOTHING to undermine our culture. Think about it. If they are successful in bringing down the family unit & destroying our cultural values which they are in the process of doing, they will have effectively neutralized our ability to fight back. Since they are obsessed about population controls, they are pushing the propaganda about homosexuals, so as to promote THEIR AGENDA, not the homosexuals agenda. Biden, Pelosi, and all the rest are all hypocrites. They go to the Pope's ceremony, when they are NOT in communion with the Church. Pope Francis believes just the way I do & as so many others do. He HAS to be aware that there is a massive effort in America to brainwash the masses into thinking this behavior is "ok". He loves the sinner, but not the sin, and that's how most of us feel. I feel very badly for those who are caught up in that decadence. Many were abused when they were little kids. Many were runaways and drugged, and ended up being trapped in that situation. There is no easy answer.

But, it is NOT religion that is shoving things down the sodomites throats. It's the OTHER way around today.