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Are you sure?

Liberty is a word describing a state of self ownership, to live without being ruled, and the foundation justice is built upon is liberty. To serve justice is to impose a negation upon injustice. I have no problem imposing a negation upon slavers, murderers, rapists and injustice.

Serving justice is not about ruling you, or having dominion over you. It's about defending you against those who would. You have a right to your liberty, and that which threatens it is mans covetous nature.

To "covet" is to unjustly want, and that's where injustice comes from. There are really only two purposes to use violence, both collectively and what you can generate on your own, and that's to either take what you covet, or defend yourself against those who would. You can't get rid of injustice by turning a blind eye to it. A covetous person has already chosen violence. You can only do your best to oppose them without declaring dominion over people and becoming a tool of injustice yourself.

It really is an almost impossible task to believe people have any chance against those who know to manipulate them. All you need to do to control covetous people is keep offering them what they unjustly want, and the world will soon be yours.

Some may think that liberty opposes faith, and to advocate liberty is to rebel against God, but to give yourself to God, you must first posses that which you offer. I can't force you to submit to God, and if he wanted your blind submission he would show himself. He would reveal himself. You'd bow down begging for his love and forgiveness. It doesn't matter that you were his to destroy from the beginning. He offered you free will.

What you'll do with it is where things get interesting.