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Oh good gosh almighty, what a compliment, coming from a chef! No, I am merely an indefatigable bromatologist (I FREAKIN' LOVE TO EAT GOOD FOOD!). I love your ideas as well. I have been preparing for your Indian mac-n-cheese for awhile. Maybe next week.

Big bummer with the pizza. Sounded like fun anyway. So are you planning on making your own pizza now? Wow! That is not an east least not for an amateur like me. I would like to start figuring out the art of pizza making though.

Wow, Monte Cristo casserole! Please post that recipe. I love the sandwich by that name! And, no, I have no idea what ants on a log are, please tell.

I had rosemary poked lamb chops pan fried in garlic infused clarified butter and deglazed with lemon, served with sauteed lemony asparagus ends. Oh, I am full.

How about this?

Chilequillas deviled eggs:

Make salsa verde:
boil tomatillos and jalepenos
plop into blender with a clove of garlic and a bit of white onion.
Fry blended mixture in steaming hot oil until VERY thick (way thicker than usual)
add old fresh corn tortillas (or some round 'preserved' tortillas from grocer) to thicken.

Mix extra thick salsa verde with yolk lumps for filling???

Maybe not. I love those chilequillas so much though I am sure they can be fit into your deviled egg idea.