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PatriotsUnderGod, It's a


It's a tough business, being a Christian post-Age-of-Reason. So many popular Christian leaders seek to use reason to justify belief; so many Christian leaders acquiesce to standards of reason that never quite reach far enough for the whole shebang we're supposed to swallow.

And so we're at another seeking age. The Bible and its sages and saints don't answer the questions we're posing...and we're tempted to toss them on their arses. Weird how we aren't -- not entirely. Weird how wobbling Christians are seeking synthesis; agnostics and atheists continue to define themselves by a theistic world-view. Weird. How the mass of humanity still seeks God, in whatever form we can this age of reasoning beyond God.

Weird how Jesus spent so much of his time among the despised and degenerates of his time -- the tax collectors, harlots, and poorest. If we were to translate that into liberty-folk-speak, that would perhaps mean the neo-cons, the most-bought poli-tutes, and the welfare recipients. Yeah. Exactly the people who are maligned here day after day.

PatriotsUnderGod, Jesus's life teaches us to love the neo-cons, love the takers, love the struggling and misguided. There is only one subset that Jesus reserved for wrath -- the judgmental folks who try to limit adoration of God to some list of do's and don'ts. "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to."

Jesus' wrath was never against seekers, no matter if agnostics or atheists, but against religions folks who proscribe and shut the door out of their own fears.

I'm of a mind that anyone who enters into a religious debate -- no matter the label they've affixed to themselves for here and now -- is interested, delving, trying. I'm of a mind that these folks were never (are never?) who Jesus/God condemns. It appears from Scripture that Jesus/God reserves such condemnation for the folks who think they have God figured out and make it their mission to dis those who don't.

I'm not trying to dis you here, Patriots, but to remind you that dealing in the muck is kind of where it's at. We're all a bit adrift, and none of us KNOW for CERTAIN anything. We have our faith and our best guesses and our baggage and our ideals. We need to work it out in relationship with the best we can conjure what lies beyond. Right? God figured out, after a few thousand years, that man wasn't getting it in some abstract relationship with an entirely different sort of being. So he sent a hybrid -- half-man/half-God, to get the message out more effectively. The message continues to be communicated through relationship. The relationship continues to be welcoming to the sinners and seekers and non-believers. The relationship continues to be open to all who aren't intent on hoarding it and shunning anyone who doesn't say the right words or who questions or balks and asks for more.