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No plans to make my own pizza for tuesday.. because I learned a great secret about pizza crusts.. first, there is a yeast, PZ45, made especially for pizza.. gives it those big thin bubbles that become toasty.. but the BIG secret to a great pizza crust is you have to make three batches, one batch a day, and then you mix all three batches together.. what this does is makes the outside crust crispy and the inside soft but chewy, so the crust can absorb the juices and has staying power with the cheese and toppings.

Monte Cristo Casserole (takes 2 days to make)

1 loaf day old French bread cut into 1 1/2" cubes, staled one day
8 oz aged Swiss cheese, sliced
8 oz Provalone cheese, sliced
8 oz thin sliced Black Forest ham
8 oz sliced turkey (I like honey roasted, but smoked is very good)
6 whole egs, beaten with
3 cups whole milk and
1/2 teaspoon salt
powdered sugar (for garnish)
raspberry jam (serve with)

9" x 13" baking pan (I use glass) I spray with pan release (PAM)
Place half the staled cubed bread in the pan. Layer, turkey, swiss, ham, provalone and remaining staled cubed bread. Pour egg/milk mixture over bread, and cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate overnight (up to 24 hours).

Preheat oven 350 degrees. While plastic wrap is still on the pan, gently press making sure all fluid is absorbed and the caserole is even (no cube lumps). Bake 40 minutes.

The caserole will puff and turn golden brown. As it cools, it will deflate a little. Using a sieve sprinkle powdered sugar and serve with side of raspberry jam.

Three people said I should open a restaurant today. Little did they know that's what I've been working on.. so I informed them. I was looking at taking over the hospital consession (now closed) and putting in a juice bar with healthy food choices, a blue plate special.. several people who work at the hospital (one is a diabetic specialist) were thrilled.. tomorrow I'm going to see my oncologist and get his recomendation.. I hope to be in business by July.. I think it's more work setting up a business than running it.

My thoughts on the Chilquillas deviled eggs... (mix yolks with meat of choice chopped fine, or mashed beans, with 1/4 slice Monterey jack or Long Horn cheddar cheese, wrap eggs in won ton skins, chill, deep fry and serve with salsa verde...

Know what (((((dducky))))) because of this thread, I fully intend to have Deviled Eggs of the day on my menu!

I enjoyed my M0onte Cristo casserole very much, but to be honest.. I would rather what you had, just couldn't afford to treat the choir to that (no one brought anything to share but Rene, a little boy who gave us each a filled plastic eg with candy! Bless his heart!!!