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Your post reminded me of what I think is a funny story.. I went to college in Lafayette Louisiana (I'm a Rajun Cajun 86). When I retuned to CA, people who I knew from Lafayette came out to CA, got jobs, and we would get together for BBQs. One day I was asked to bring the potato salad to the next, which I did.. I had added chopped celery and green inion to my eggless potato salad. When I arrived, the host opened the door and took my salad, looked at it and said, "What's this?"

I responded, "It's the potato salad you asked me to bring." He says, "This isn't potato salad. This is BS. Since when does potato sald have green things?" I got pissed because he kept going off on my salad, and I wound up tossing it in the trash and walking out, pissed.

Now this guy (an heir to Trappey's), he opens up a restaurant. So I invite people and go to his grand opening. I forget what I ordered, but on the side was a little cup of potato salad, with green things.

So I called him to the table. He comes over and he's beaming.. the place is packed and everyone is smacking their lips complimenting him. He puts his hand on the back of my chair and askes, what I think. So I said, pointing to the potato salad, "What's this?" He looks at it and says, "Potato salad." So I said, in a very loud voice, "Excuse me, but this is BS! Since when does potato salad have green things?" He picked up the little cup of salad and looks at it.. his face dropped.. wiped the smile right off his face, and he runs to the kitchen and he's screaming at his cook about green things in potato salad.. LOL. He fired that cook and to this day, his very popular place serves a very simple, but absolutely delicious egg and potato salad.. new potatos, eggs and Best Foods/ Hellman's mayo,, some salt.. it's very mild and made to cut the heat from the what can be very spicy Cajun food.

I love the deviled egg idea you have, after all I do love horse raddish, with crispy turkey bacon.. yum!! sour cream and chives .. yummy!

THANK YOU.. going to check your thread now. HAPPY EASTER and THANK YOU for the ideas and inspiring memories of devine justice.