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Just so you people are aware Tom Woods destroyed the "GreenBackers" and their utterly retarded logic on his Blog.

This article is pure comedy... His arguments are futile and display a complete lack of understanding of how Bitcoin functions.

Hey, If you don't like Bitcoins then thats fine, dont use it. and hey, if you want to use unsound logic and reasoning then it will be at your detriment. Will other digital currencies come about, I'm sure of it but right now as we speak Bitcoin is King and has stood up to all who have tested it's security.

Untill there are legitimate reasons not to transact in Bitcoins I see no reason why I shouldn't. Especially if the alternative is dollars. and I have plenty of Gold and Silver but remember if we transact in those we get thrown in Jail. Maybe the same will happen with Bitcoin but I feel pretty secure that I can maintain enough anonymity through Bitcoins. Plus, Bitcoins is world wide..... I see it impossible that all governments have the resources to stop this thing around the world.

End the Fed use Bitcoins