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Jim Rickards

I read somewhere that he later became the whistleblower on the LTCM bailout, but he was their general counsel, yikes:

In 1981, Rickards was involved in the Iran hostage crisis.[4] As general counsel for the hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM),[5][6] he was the principal negotiator in the 1998 bailout of LTCM[7] by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

all in all though, he's an econ genius. And I see him more as a well heeled player for his geopolitical/econ acumen, than say a Ruling Class' 'scheme-r.' So far, his works and public commentary have been excellent, prescient, and highly informative:

my only concern with his new book Currency Wars, since the book originated out of his dealings with DoD wargames, is that the Mil.Ind.Complex would actually use Jim's new book as a guidebook, not a prescient warning...

Predictions in due Time...

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