Comment: The "Second Coming of Christ" has already happened.

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The "Second Coming of Christ" has already happened.

Joseph Atwill has blown this con out of the water and it is gaining in momentum.

The "Second Coming" happened when Titus Flavius finally conquered Jerusalem on his "Second attempt".

Titus was known as a Christ; it was merely a Title of an anointed one. He was known as the son of the living God - Vespasian the Emperor of Rome.

The Romans created the Jesus character to give the Messianic Jews a pacifist messiah that would 'turn the other cheek' and 'give unto Caesar'. The Scripture were written about 5 years after the Roman-Jewish War in which Rome was triumphant.

Jesus was Titus' Malachi, his messenger.

The Scriptures are the literary version of the Arch of Titus which still stands in Rome today.

The character 'Jesus' said:

"Before this generation I am speaking to shall pass, a son of Man will come and encircle the Holy City; burn down the Galilean Cities; raze the Holy Temple, and leave no stone atop another"

That "son of Man" who fulfilled Jesus' prophecies was none other than Titus Flavius.

This con has existed for over 2,000 years, and what Joseph Atwill has uncovered is the beginning of peace on earth.

"The truth shall set you free" and ALL religions are man made government propaganda to keep the sheep in line and paying taxes.

The Holy Bible is one of the most evil books ever written by man.

See it for yourself: