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Without rules in society, where do you draw the lines?

Liberty doesn't mean you can shoot somebody, if you don't like them. It doesn't mean you can steal from Cypriot bank accounts either, just because you want their money. And, it doesn't mean that a minority can inflict injury on the institution of marriage.

Marriage is a fundamental core of our society, and it is vital we maintain this concept, "as is". If we don't, and if we pursue having the lusts of a pagan society replace a Christian society, then, we can expect that we will lose all of God's protection.

The Founding Fathers knew that the underpinnings of our society was their Christian beliefs of right versus wrong, and all the 10 commandments, including THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY. You have to understand that these BANKING ELITE CONTROL FREAKS are interested only in themselves. They want to mix up our society, confuse our children, confuse everyone, because they know that it will cause a broken society and render us impotent.

This is why you should choose a mate that you have more in common with, because you have a better chance at success than otherwise. And, too, our beloved America has a better chance of succeeding against the VERY EVIL ELITISTS if we all stick together in our fundamental beliefs in ONE GOD and his commandments.

If you are a sodomite, then, you should expect kindness and fair treatment from your brethren, but NOT AT THEIR EXPENSE. You can't expect your brethren to give up everything they believe in, and then, hope the society survives. We cannot survive with a move towards this paganism. WE will not. Please, leave our children alone, mind your own business, most corporations give you benefits, and any attorney can draw up a will to make anybody your beneficiary, so there should be no problem.

And, that's all I have to say on this...