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Well.....if Rand Paul is so smart, then why is just going along with this, and allowing himself to be manipulated?

Ultimately, you have to put the blame on the candidate, and not the "handlers". They either stand their ground, or they do not. And if their handlers are consistently putting them into bad situations, it is their duty to recognize that, and fire those handlers. True Leaders do not just jump off of a bridge, because some handler told them to do so.

It's just like when Ron Paul decided to quit, and give Romney a totally unimpeded, uncontested path to the nomination over the last 4.5 months. He could have instead said, "Hell no we're gaining momentum, and we're going to push on 100%, make an aggressive argument against Romney, and make our numbers as big as they can get". But he just terminated the whole campaign, and walked away.

The Pauls have to already know, that the vast majority of political operatives and managers are well entrenched and corrupted by the WallStreet-Warfare-Globalist elites. They should require and demand loyalty to a different agenda, before they ever hire them....and in order to retain any services.