Comment: I, on the other hand, saw the process...

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I, on the other hand, saw the process...

I worked 2 summers at a hog slaughterhouse including a couple weeks driving hogs into the gas chambers.

To be fair, 90% of the hogs went through the process exactly as you describe, mostly painless and humane.

But I saw severe abuse daily.

I wrote a pretty detailed comment more recently than yours detailing the process and what I saw. Check it out to see how the process actually works.

I'm a little surprised you didn't see it as part of orientation. The plant I worked at made everyone see it on a plant tour, even if you were going to work in a end-processing station.

There are definitely a lot of misconceptions about the process overall, including that a lot of the hog is wasted, as you touched on. I was amazed at the efforts that were taken to use absolutely everything from the hog for something or another...lining inside the stomach was scraped off and used in digestive medications...amazing.