Comment: Sometimes Reality Hurts

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Sometimes Reality Hurts

I feel for the lady in the e-mail that is circulating that the OP included. I feel for the Op as well.

The history of SSI (not that it matters in the least), Red D R passed it as a safety net. It was never intended to be a retirement system. A communist who was deported in the 50s sued for his insurance contributions. I don't think Ii need to tell anyone how that played out. That was the first Supreme court ruling that made clear your payments buy you no obligation of the govt.

It isn't her fault that the govt spent it?
What the heck was she doing all those years they were running deficits?
Did she think the math that she learned growing up wasn't real?
She thought her govt could spend far more than it made all those years that without somebody left holding the bag?

To bad she was politically distracted most of her life, well until she could see it directly impacted her and now she can write a letter.

Better find husband number three.

Public schools first, and now even private schools, indoctrination is so completely effective. We have adults, grown men and women, who literally believe that the Federal Govt of this USA is something more than a looting and killing machine.

Welcome to reality, I am sorry it turned out this way too. Looking to DC for any help is a mad cause. Hide your money, now!


Liberty = Responsibility