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That make sense. When I read

That make sense. When I read the 40 percent number I was thinking about my fridge/freezer, and thinking "No way." But if we account for the grocery stores, the slaughterhouses, the silos, the transport...I can see how it evens out to 40 percent. Even higher for some parts of the chain. That's just disgusting.

I've been making efforts not to waste what I buy and to grow and hunt. But I keep finding that it's these regulations about slaughter that get in my way. For example,I know there must be folks in my area who are raising meat rabbits and chickens. But, because we have regulations that prevent those folks from selling their butchered meat to buyers, I have to probe the underground markets. If I buy a butchered rabbit from someone who knows someone, I'm like already a criminal. Plenty of opportunities to buy meat-rabbits alive and kicking. But I can't pay extra to get the bunny dead, skinned, a Vacu-packed. That's absurd.