Comment: The full picture of the purpose and dynamics

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The full picture of the purpose and dynamics

of such financial machinations can only be understood via today's DEMOCRACY where 75% of potential voters are affirmative-action recipients (if you count women and gays.) It all started with a demand for "equal pay for equal work" and affirmative-action laws, then (since government & courts took away liberty from a private owner to decide whom and how to hire/fire) it became "equal pay for equal title by default."

Tight government regulations to cater for majority of affirmative-sction recipients, trade unions, tenured professors and government workers resulted in 1) lower productivity on average compared to capital spent; 2) consuming capital of the productive on today's "needs" designated by wise central planners instead of for long-term maintenance of private business.

As a result, further redistribution of wealth via borrowing and infaltion was LOGICALLY and PRACTICALLY NEEDED in order to keep socialist-progressive ideas being implemented in reality. As RP said - the FED is just facilitator not the problem...