Comment: I have had up to 40% returns

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I have had up to 40% returns

I have had up to 40% returns on investments few times, but the problem is that there is a cap on how much you can invest in such high return venture, and a significant amount of risk involved.

To grow at this rate for 6 YEARS is unthinkable.

However, IT startups are generally low cost and can grow very quickly. An examination or his investments may show that he has one or two relatively big successes among them.

But I don't think this surprises anyone. If you're a senator you cannot help being an insider. People would consider him successful and want to emulate him. That is why we have to take our definition of 'success' beyond money as we are wont to do these days.

Until we equate money to success, this will continue, and so it will continue possibly till the end of time.