Comment: Much larger and deeper chess game at work here than...

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Much larger and deeper chess game at work here than...

There is a much larger, and far deeper chess game at work here than the writer of that article can apparently grasp! She should leave it alone to work it's magic! The CFR knows exactly what is being played out on the board. Some of the 'former Constitution party' writers apparently do not!

It might be better to read this article behind the rant, or others, for a better perspective on what was really taking place.

Folks, even Jesse's 'gaffes' have a purpose! We can play the three steps forward and two steps back, as well as the communists, or CFR!

Unencumbered by any particular visible commitments on issues of specific nature, such as Ron Paul's record of voting 'No', and his mostly misunderstood by the voters, 'principled stances', which did not allow much wiggle room for 'in-the-trenches', hand to hand political-deception fighting, Senator Rand Paul can on the other hand, 'appear' to run almost any direction, or even in circles, in order to win the type of political trench warfare which is done outside the view of voter comprehension. Though we would like him to 'be' Ron Paul, and all that history will no doubt record about the greatest of all congressman, Rand Paul cannot become his father's career embodiment, and all that the Ron Paul name entails.

On the other hand, now if ever, for liberty, he must turn 'what he can become', to every advantage!

Grassroots, we have now entered the realm of warfare for liberty, which is calculated to enlist the votes of the masses of 'couch potatoes' who cannot grasp the meaning of the word 'sobriety', let alone the word 'non-intervention'. As much as truth, consistency, liberty, and pure concepts attracted patriots to the ranks of Ron Paul's constitutional revolution, without this new complete package by 2014 we will be looking in from the outside once again.

There is a new reality now being driven like a stamped herd, and the riders are NDAA, Patriot Act, CIA, FED, just to name a few. It is far less likely there will be any more chances to secure the White House in an age of such rapid deterioration of liberty and wholesale violations of oath and law, as have exploded in D.C. and throughout the states!

Time and resources are precious. One of these is strategy so calculated to defeat even the most sage and subtle of political animals in DC, including the powers that feed them! Simply recognizing the enormity of this task, and the treachery behind the actors who have become enemies of liberty and constitution, should be ample reason for us to pause and consider the need for each move on the part any who might seem, even peripherally, to be on the side of constitution and liberty!

We should not run all directions 'at the mouth', over every shallow and soporific rant which the enemies of liberty spew forth. Consider the source. Consider the end game. Consider the need. Much of what is written against one or the other liberty name is simply 'journalistic junk food', designed to pre-occupy a once proactive and fearfully potent Ron Paul grassroots!

You can be assured that the real enemies of liberty, those who back all that is evil, those with designs to enslave and in so doing destroy the constitutional republic, those on a path of draining the wealth and resources of nations, yet fear the name Ron Paul!

They fear the Ron Paul grassroots, their knowledge, and the fact that they are still growing!

Know that hidden amidst all this is a path to liberty!

For strategic reasons, a further discussion of this subject might be best held after we win the White House for freedom and constitutional liberty! The implications of such a victory, to the DP members, should be obvious. What will follow such a victory will be widespread; it's effects severe!