Comment: Thanks Tom

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Thanks Tom

Even for us who can't afford homeschooling. I'm a single father and have tried to interest my son in Liberty Classroom. It's way over his head.

This should be great. Public schools are horrendous. I was lucky enough to endure private school through 8th grade, although much was studying the human anatomy, if that makes sense (Playboy - ripped off between my Uncle and my Neighbor).

My son will still have to go to public school (jail for kids/babysitting) as I'm a single dad but if he's interested in this it should hopefully work well as long as it holds his attention, and improve his grades although he is slipping in science.

Once he's out of vacation we will check it out.

Much appreciated. Please put up a couple of videos to catch kids eyes. A couple of hundred bucks is a lot to me, but my son is worth it for sure. We are currently studying the civil war.

Thanks again.

Oh, if anyone knows of a science website please PM me. He could ace it but he's slipping.

Thanks again Tom.