Comment: It's almost time for my 2016 sticker

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It's almost time for my 2016 sticker

Seriously though. The Ron Paul 2012 sticker is not moving, don't care what anyone says.

Actually had multiple co-workers mock me about the loss. I always find it very effective to mention that Ron Paul is by far the greatest defender of civil rights in recent history. No one can refute that. They find shocked to hear that by record he defends civil rights 100x more than Obama or any neo-con dinosaur sociopath.

In Los Angeles, this one simple point has been so well accepted. I have turned people from Obama fanboys to "fake conservative" Romney/McCain sheeple. The reason being, LA has an incredibly accepting public opinion of civil rights; race, creed, color, sexuality, to name a few- so it resonates like a sounding alarm. If only more awake people would share the true "message" Dr. Paul always credits to the success of our movement.

Let's not be silent.
Let's not hold back in 2016.

Our time has come.

Ron Paul 2016