Comment: For the same reasons I am for Ron Paul I am a Christian

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For the same reasons I am for Ron Paul I am a Christian

In Politics

In politics if you have three or more choices, right vs left, etc and only one choice is not taking money from special interests or allowing lobbyists into his office... well then it is easy to see (if you know this information in advance) who the best choice is. Regardless of political views or persuasion the guy who is not being bribed by lobbyists and special interests (Ron Paul) makes the most sense because you can actually trust him to do the right things and not lie to your face while voting with his $$$.

In Religion

It is the same. There are a lot of liars on the take who are in it only for their own personal gain and benefit. In 2 Peter 2 they are called false teachers and false prophets. The Pharisees and Sadducees were such as these, allowing money changers into the temple no less, making the sacrifices filthy and of no value. And yet if you do not read your bible and seek the Father for yourself, chances are you view this deb-ochery as representative of Christianity and even mistakenly associate it to Christ himself.

The dailypaul

Here at the DP we have many still, especially as of late who blame Ron and Rand Paul for what the rest of congress does. The same falsely put Christ in league with George Bush, Carl Rove, the pope, and Benny Hin.

This is sheer ignorance.

Yet those who have never sought God through the bible are prone to throw the baby out with the bath water. They can not discern right from wrong. Nor do they care to do it.

They are righteous in their own eyes while the rest of us are thankful we can see.