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I can.

Juries can nullify a single case and set a clear precedent on an issue. Sheriffs can nullify an entire body of statutory code which isn't supposed to be getting used on people in the first place. The statutes are for PUBLIC SERVANTS. The constitution is rules for government. There's no rules for people. The government then can create additional rules for it's employees. That's what statutes are.

We give millions to congressional politicians, over $70 million in the last 8 years. Congress is not supposed to have ANY EFFECT on your life whatsoever. Their job is to protect rights and enforce contracts at the request of one of the parties. With less that ONE million we could easily get a constitutional sheriff elected.

It could likely be done with less than 100K or with no cash at all - just a ton of activists making sure every door in that county receives a knock.

With a sheriff strictly staying within the bounds of the constitution, the county's economy would EXPLODE and the surrounding counties/states would need to get their own constitutional Sheriff's or they would soon turn into ghost towns as everyone moved out of them for the free county.