Comment: Honestly people wonder why I get so peaved around here...

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Honestly people wonder why I get so peaved around here...

It's because I am watching people who no longer believe the lame stream media but for some reason seem to still think any of these politicians (sold on lame stream media) in congress are actually relevant to their life in any way.

The constitution is rules for government. Government can then make additional rules for it's employees outside of that contract. This is why "statues" are not called "laws" ON PAPER... they just keep repeating "law" verbally and the public is effectively indoctrinated.

I GUARANTEE you that no court will ever send you a document stating that you "broke the law" they will always reference a statutory code.

Attorneys know statutes are not laws. Cops do not. Cops violate your rights without even knowing they are doing it by enforcing their employee codes on THE PEOPLE.

It's the same thing as if wal-mart sent people to your house to bust you for smoking pot because it's against company policy to smoke pot.

For one thing - even if you ARE a wal-mart employee - that rule can only be enforced WHILE YOU'RE ON THE CLOCK. When was the last time you got a paycheck from US Inc other that perhaps social security which you already paid into?

Isn't that slavery if you're an employee but don't get paid?