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Impossible is an awfully terrible world to live in. BTC may be difficult to fabricate, but Im guessing that a ton of different named coins are coming out with values artificially pegged to btc. These 'co(i)ns' then take there earnings either in BTC or cash. Kind of gives me the 'counterfeit creeps'.

Simply put, a hound dog has been introduced to guard the fox inside the henhouse. The only winner I see is the person who tied the dog to the tree, built the chicken coup, and has a nice collection of pelts.

Where am I on the pecking order? Well, if I dont know, then I must be chickenfeed.

Im having a difficult time understanding how what is presently occuring with virtual currencies is any different than what goes on behind the curtain in wallstreet and banks. I looked into this as an awesome investment opportunity. However, I ran across things that really make me question just who is really here to make a profit or actually make advances in freedom & liberty through the legislative process while adhering to their morals.

I also wonder how much further these digital currencies will effect the CPI? If it gets too bad then should I anticipate price/wage controls to be implemented.

I dare say I smell a terrible scam. The concept was a cool idea, but its utilization currently has me questioning the moral turpitude of many involved. Many will share this sentiment in time. Many will demand centralization and regulation. And it will happen.