Comment: So, a Russian scientist checks his local weather

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So, a Russian scientist checks his local weather

outside his apartment at 42 Bradbury Ct., Chauncey, England and because his winter started late and ran late, he's predicting the entire globe's climate is going colder? And this gets serious comments?

There's zero science in this article. Zero credibility. Nothing. Yet so many are ready to jump on this because of some news that people got caught with motives for one side or another. Hello? Both sides have tons of motives so conspiratorial exposing is inevitable.

If one looks at the science only, there's only one conclusion to reach. Man made pollution has crossed into a new territory of awareness of how it can affect the world around us. Do you think you would survive if we put a bubble over your town, a few farms and lakes and let you burn coal, gasoline, oil and dump SOx and NOx into your air? Even if we made the bubble bigger and bigger, at some point it will overwhelm some needed piece of your food chain.

And just because the temperature on every point of the planet isn't rising steadily, exactly as predicted (by you), doesn't mean the effects are building up somewhere. Even those claiming that the temps are falling and who DO look at the global trends, even they have still missed things like the depths of the ocean. Studies show that over 90% of the heat increase is getting stored there. So, what happens when that becomes a factor? I'm kind of thinking the game is over if that happens because there's nothing conceivable that can cool off that kind of mass very fast.