Comment: Who says that the God in the bible is the one true God?

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Who says that the God in the bible is the one true God?

Every religion claims their God is the one true God.The oldest known culture was the Sumerians,and they say that gods came here from the sky and genetically engineered us and taught us how to read,write and farm.Maybe they are right,who knows.I am not saying I do not believe in a God/Great spirit/higher power etc. but I do not trust the words(in ancient books)written by men as proof.Besides ancient texts have been so perverted by men in power throughout history and there are many,many translational errors from the many,many times they have been copied over and over.Also not to mention that they left about 42 books out of the final version of the bible because they didn't like the way they fit in.In my opinion ancient books are not trustworthy books for truth and I have read the whole bible and have also read many of the missing books and most of the Quran.
Well anyway enough of my ranting but I believe "God given rights" is a religious term like marriage.I myself like to use "we get our rights in a natural way".