Comment: I read a book once(A horse

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I read a book once(A horse

I read a book once(A horse and his boy C.S. lewis) in which the main character worshipped a god by the name of Tak(think that was the name, cant really remember...been a long time). Tak was an evil god, known for demanding human sacrifices, etc etc. People told the main character this repeatedly, even showed him, but he simply refused to believe it, to him Tak was a just and loving god, not evil in any way. The pont here is that regardless of the name you give him, God is still God and really we all know the difference between right and wrong at a basic level....God simply wants people to do him whatever you want, but do right and you will be on the correct path. Why join any of these religions if you want to be spiritual? Just walk the talk. I personally am christian, from things that can be historically verified I find the bible to be accurate, but I belong to no church....I see them mainly as a vehicle for corruption of the message(preachers up there denouncing muslims and saying how we need to kill them all, but unable to jusity it by what they profess to believe....cognitive disonance at its finest) but since they are a preacher their words carry weight, and so brainwash their congregation.....the danger is of course and always has been some other man between you and god....whether its a priest, the pope, whoever, they will corrupt the message.