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It did not make me uncomfortable

I saw your original post as a great question, and I appreciated it as genuine, mostly because it came from you dex, someone who I have trusted.

I have explored most of the religions you mentioned.

I respect people's choice, whatever religion, or NOT!

I've been a member of other religions. I was raised an Objectivist, so atheism does not bother me.. it's a choice I respect.

I think most folks here can agree that the state enslaves us.

Many here LOVE Jesus because he is the greatest warrior against the state. I LOVE the story of Jesus coming into the temple and overturning the tables of the money changers.

I believe Ron Paul was inspired by Jesus to take on the Fed.

I'm sorry I thought you were being genuine. Many people on this forum are not, I just didn't have you in that group, so I was dissappointed, not with the thread, but what you claim motivated you, and especially during a Holy week for many of us.

Peace be with you.