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Here's a Perscription - Works for Me

Choose a religion or a spirituality that:
1. doesn't force you to follow the laws of any Man to be a respected participant,
2. believes that you have the same relationship to God as anyone else,
3. believes that God speaks equally to, and through you as to anyone, and you to Him,
4. doesn't have a liturgical hierarchy,
5. doesn't worship idols,
6. doesn't canonize sacrifice or martyrs,
7. professes no saints,
8. doesn't believe in an angry vengeful God that asks for anything more from you than your love and marvel for the world and your fellow Man; for if God is Omnipotent and all knowing, he would have no need for "worshiping slaves," and if he is not, then he is not God, and finally
9. encourages you to find happiness and transcendence in the peaceful pursuit of your life as you choose to live it.

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